Study 2020 Services

Counseling & Assessment

The first step of our service is face-to-face counseling and pre-assessment of students' academic ability, previous work/life experience and financial capability to find the most appropriate university/course in Canada.


We offer comprehensive assistance with all application and admissions processes, from guidance on completing forms and preparing supporting documents to what happens at every stage of the process. We provide students and families with professional and impartial information on financial planning, tuition fees, payment timeline, living expenses, financial aids and scholarships if available.

Document Preparation

Our Immigration Partners' extensive knowledge of Canada visa systems enables us to confidently guide and prepare student's document for the purpose of visa submission. Our team help students to gather all the required information and documents as well as helping students to write Statement of Purpose and guide them in filling up all the necessary forms.

Visa Process

Our team and partners help students for visa process and submission, checking documents and answer the possible questions.

Post Arrival Services

Study2020 help students for accomodation, university registration and all the services that students need after arriving to Canada.