TRV Department

We Are TRV !
Let us help you to get your visitor Visa Approved!
The most important factor in the success of this team is the experienced, educated and professional team members.
Sahar & Samila have been working in this field for about 8 years now and they are very trustworthy.
They can guide you through the visa process so you can plan your travel with piece of mind!

Sahar Afshari

Touristic Visa Consultant

  Silver Gold Platinum
Free consultant
Prepare documents
Submission by IRCC
Pick up Iran (home to airport)
Pick up in turkey for fingerprint
Tour in turkey (1DAY)
Pick up in Canada
Tour in Canada (2nights hotel)
Compass card
Help to find the house
Judicial Court

Our Services

Our Services is not limited to the list below


Checking documents & applying for
visitor visa.


We will guide Client on preparing documents for the getting visitor visa.


Supporting  Clinets from the start of
the process to the end.

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